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The Jacksons

Buon Giorno Buon Giorno Natural , Royal

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SAY HELLO TO THE BEST SELLER  "BUON GIORNO" BAG This is the bag Kate Moss would have as decided by Amanda and Melanie.

So make like Mossy and  say good morning to everyone you pass ? AND in Italian , so international !  Impress the cute Italian boys at your local cafe when you greet them with your new fun Jacksons London " Buon Giorno" bag.

Jute is a very strong fibre and our bags can hold up to 14 kgs 

 Large - Roughly 44cm x 42cm x 10cm  and a 15cm handle drop

The Jacksons bags have now a new signature stripe around the edge/gusset so you know your bag is the real deal. It is the same colour as the writing.

Please note that as the bags are handmade, the sizes can vary slightly.

Shy Pony and Shop The Shy Pony online are one of the exclusive Melbourne, Australia stockists of The Jacksons London Jute  Handmade Bags

This range of bags have been designed in Notting Hill and handmade by women in Bangladesh. No two bags are exactly the same. 

This beautiful and playful hand-crafted jute bag collection from The Jacksons is a joyous outcome of the design collaboration between Louise Jackson and the skilful handicraft workers of south-west Bangladesh. These bags are made entirely from locally grown jute and have minimal environmental impact. The vibrant colours reflect colours in the local Bangladesh community, from earthy reds to electric pink and apple green. This plant based product is skilfully woven to make bags that are light, flexible and durable.

Income earned from this project has already empowered local women in this region of Bangladesh, improving access to health and education. The Jacksons have grown from a workforce of less than 100 women to over 3000 artisans in south-west Bangladesh, an area where there are few job opportunities for them. All of these teams are predominantly made up of women who are paid directly giving them independence and status, empowering them to make decisions within the family. A large percentage are now educating their daughters up to sixth form and some are going to university. This was impossible only six years ago when The Jacksons started on their collaboration, and Louise visits regularly to see at first hand the real benefits the bag business has brought to the community.